Vojtech Farkaš: bronze & stone

Vojtech Farkaš: bronze & stone

Vojtech Farkaš was born in Rožňava on  22nd of March 1953. He attended Highschool of Consumer Goods in Bratislava led by professor L. Korkoš. He graduated from The University of Art in Bratislava led by professor J. Kulich. He is interested in a creation of an independent sculpture.

Participation at exhibits and independent exhibits: Moscow, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, Wien and others…

The Break – complex of the solid objects

The cmplex of Vojtech Farkaš’s solid objects is appearing on the edge of the Millennium. From his invented version, he enters to the three – dimension’s world, where he domonstrates it. The ambition of the complex is to forward feelings, anachronism of wild thoughts resoning in the expectation of the New Millennium as well as the next era of development of events and things in our temporal space. The autor translates his point of view regarding the world’s change with an individual solid objects containing very special mystic charge. On the background’s edge of material, Vojtech Farkaš prederminates his view on the the bird of a new epoch. Objects themselves indicate topics that are embodied by the form of thoughts. To be closer to hits explanation of world’s perception and shape’s forming, let’s give a concrete example in form of a quatation: “World isn’t an illusion as might often be stated. Illusion is based on our point of view, it’s the case, when we assume that shapes and sctructures, things and occurence around us are the right form of nature, instead of realising that they are only imaginations of our everything measuring and categorising thoughts.” FRITJOF CAPRA
The next coment to the individual solid works offers words as intermediary for handling over the autor’s thoughts and incentives, inspite of his personal motivations from the well-known Zen’s saying: “At the moment you start talking about a thing, you might miss your destination…”.

J. Červenko


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